New Release: Festive Forecast 2020

Written by trendbible

1 May 2019


Our ‘Festive Forecast 2020’ eBook is available to buy from our online shop. Covering celebration, gift, greetings, tableware, decoration and food and beverage, the interactive eBook will be a key resource for any brands developing their 2020 Christmas/Holiday season collections.

The 2020 festive season will see consumers maximise the good things in life. There is a real focus on moments of indulgence, kindness and thanks. Families gather from far and wide, escape into the magic of Christmas and cherish moments of both chaos and calm in equal measure. A maximalist aesthetic continues to gain momentum. This manifests in products through rich colour combinations and a decorative mix of patterns from a wide range of cultures and heritages. Design is full of personality and new traditions are forged from old, making for celebrations that feel personable and extra special for all.

What the Festive Forecast eBook includes:

Digestible trend drivers: Our experts provide the key information behind our 4 unique trends. They provide evidence of what drives change, helping you understand the meaning behind them.

Four unique trends: Our four trends provide comprehensive design direction across colour, shape, material, motif, typography, print and pattern.

Colour direction: Our books include 7 PANTONE referenced colours for each of the 4 trends. We help identify the key shades and demonstrate how colours evolve, showing you how prints can be used together for print and pattern combinations.

Downloadable copyright-free prints: Our print designers create 4 editable copyright-free prints per story; an essential head start for textile, stationery and surface designers. Vector files are included as downloadable links within the eBook.

The Festive Forecast eBook is available to buy now from our online shop for £1400 (+VAT). 

Click ‘download now’ to the right of this post to receive your free Festive Forecast Demo. The download will help you to understand how to maximise the use of each of the eBook’s features as well as offering a taster of each of our four festive trends for 2020. 







We send the bespoke trend reports out to different departments in our organisation from product development to digital and customer teams. The report acts as internal inspiration that everyone can read and get something from. The feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive.


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