Next-Generation Wellness: Therapeutic Design for Baby & Kids


In response to the growing children’s mental health crisis, therapeutic products and experiences are gaining traction. Through digital interactions with nature, aura and energy characters, mantras and affirmations, innovative brands and designers are providing tools to help kids navigate their complex and changing emotions. 

Within our Spring Summer 2024 trend, Energy Guardians (originally published in 2022), we forecast that the worsening mental health crisis and recovery process would become a key driver for therapeutic design in the baby and kids industry. As a result, protecting energetic boundaries becomes the ultimate form of well-being and holistic healing practices are woven into learning and play experiences to help overstimulated and anxiety-loaded youth tap into their subconscious to improve their emotional state. 

Highlighted in our 2024 Macro Trend, Energy Seekers, sound therapy and audio-sensory experiences remain key mental health resources, securing their foothold in relaxation and wellness, rituals. This immersive approach helps children to visualise and alter their mood, unwind their minds, and seek respite from an increasingly noisy world. 


Nurseries and Play Spaces 

This holistic summer story encourages children to look deep within. Through exploring and connecting with their auras, children can visualise and understand each of the traits that make them who they are.  

Clean and uncluttered environments create visual openness, while biomorphic and enveloping forms create cocooning environments for both introspection and connectedness. Play spaces are sensitive and reassuring, with moments of serenity and softness punctuated with occasional zings of energy. The colour palette is dynamic and versatile, holding both muted tones and zesty pops in equal balance.  

Baby and Kids Product Design

Sensory toys feature coloured lights veiled in frosted perspex, emulating an inner glow. Marshmallow-like, amorphous forms inspire oversized pillowy plushies,  cushions and bean bags, that children can melt and relax into. Hard goods imitate the quality of softs, and milky hued and subtly iridescent resins create intriguing finishes for stacking toys. Plastics are given a blown glass aesthetic with soft blobs of colour clouding the surface of feeding and soothing products. 

Eness, Wang and Soderstrom, Odd eye Nyc, Crea, Five Three Five Design

Are you ready to lead the way in next-gen wellness for baby and kids product design? 

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