Out Now: Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2023/24

Home & Interiors Trend 2023/24

Our new Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2023/24 Trend Forecast is now available to purchase, in digital format, directly from our online shop.

Welcome to Autumn Winter 2023/24

This season, the demand for a better reality for all underpins life at home, blending ethics with environmentalism to create an allclusive approach where everyone is empowered. Self-expression is a key cornerstone of this cultural shift, as society interrogates stereotypes, taboos and amplifies under-represented voices and this begins to influence how we express ourselves at home.

Amidst a major societal transformation of challenging the status quo, intersectional environmentalism gains momentum. Homemakers now demand holistic solutions that satisfy their desire for a fresh aesthetic whilst protecting the planet. Brands need to place ethical and circular thinking at the core of their processes to stay relevant. Offering products and services that help to create a world worth living in needs to be integral. Expect more consumers to opt for businesses that honestly contribute to tackling the climate crisis and issues resulting from the socio-economic gap we face as a global community.

What’s included in the Home & Interiors Trend 2023/24 forecast?

  • 4 inspiring trends for the home & interiors industry: Complete with their backstory to help you understand their commercial relevance.
  • 8 PANTONE® TCX colours and Solid Coated references per trend: Beautifully curated and carefully considered colour palettes.
  • Quality photographs of real material swatches: Sample contact details are provided for ordering.
  • 20 original copyright free prints: Available in vector format to download and edit.
  • Downloadable content library: Instant access to the image library (credited to copyright), a digital colour palette and our copyright-free prints.
  • Trend Editor Walk-through Video: Watch on demand, our seasonal walk-through video for more trend inspiration and guidance on how to use the book. The perfect kick-start to your season.

Our trend books are a valuable forecasting tool for those working in the home and interiors industry. Detailing the broader lifestyle context through to colour and design inspiration, our Autumn Winter Home & Interiors 2023/24 Trend Forecast will guide you through the season and help you to develop commercially successful products and relevant messaging.

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