Rethinking Household Essentials Pt.2: Lifestyle Brands

9 June 2017

KINN Living 

In part one of our ‘Rethinking Household Essentials‘ post we explored how sustainability is no longer a preference or a bonus but an essential that consumers expect brands to reinforce with genuine commitment. Back for part two, we take a look at how FMCG brands are drawing inspiration from the beauty industry; finding the perfect balance between considered design and high quality ingredients in order to appeal to a consumer who views both as a priority.

Responding to the desire to eliminate the unnecessary from our lives, our homes have taken on a purist approach in 2017. Whilst consumers de-clutter the non-essential items from their homes, the remaining essential items must fit seamlessly into a space. Finding the balance between functionality and appearance is extremely important.

KINN Living

 KINN Living 

KINN Living is a modern, organic lifestyle brand that creates luxury, plant-based and non-toxic products for the body and home. With an ethos of ‘Clean Beauty’, the brand promotes a balanced approach to life; being good to yourself whilst still enjoying the little things. Ingredients are vegan, cruelty free and kind to the skin. The design-led, minimalistic packaging not only emphasises the simplicity and transparency of the brand but is also designed to look good on display in the home.


Humdakin Instagram

Humdakin is a brand dedicated to offering a versatile and unique line of Danish designed quality and conscious products, including cleaning, modern household, skin care and homeware. Designed true to the simple Scandinavian aesthetic, all products are beautifully packaged, making cleaning a little prettier, easy and effective. Their laundry products are created from Sea Buckthorn and Chamomile to gently clean and protect clothing.

“Our beautiful packaging, our soft and clean scents, the gentle effect complete the essence of Humdakin. We want Humdakin to be part of your home.” Humdakin

Thinking beyond the cleaning product, these brands successfully embody a lifestyle consumers want to be part of. Responding to an essentialist attitude, it’s important for those working in the FMCG industry to find the balance between style and functionality. When it comes to household care, many consumers are seeking a stylish product that sits beautifully on a shelf, contains kind, high quality ingredients and works effectively.

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