Spring Summer 2021 Trend Tracking: Urban Retreat

Trend Bible

First forecast in 2019, our Spring Summer 2021 trend, Urban Retreat, sees householders prioritise decor, materials and products that create healthy environments where they can enjoy moments of calm to break up busy city life.

Trend Bible Spring Summer 2021 Home 7 Interiors

A refined natural feel is evoked in this architecture-inspired story. Embracing the built reality of global cities, this restrained trend looks to contemporary and modernist architects and place-makers to improve the quality of life in urban homes. Driven by a desire to reconnect with nature on a daily basis, city dwellers carve out restorative spaces at home.

The pandemic has underlined the importance of being in nature and how spending time outdoors can have a positive effect on our mental health. Unfortunately for many, outdoor space isn’t an option, which is driving city dwellers to find ways to bring the outdoors in.

Trend Bible Spring Summer 2021 Home & Interiors

Balconies, rooftops and even window-sills are treasured; breaking the boundaries between the two worlds. Furniture must work both indoors and out, decor styles continue seamlessly from one to the other and materials need to be truly sustainable but also appealing and affordable.

We have been tracking the interpretation of our Urban Retreat seasonal forecast worldwide. Here are our key selections of how brands and retailers have embraced our Spring Summer 2021 trend story.

Plant-based fibres

Left to right: H&M, Made.com, Maisons Du Monde

In a push to strive for alternatives to plastic, we see a strong resurgence of plant-based fibres, such as jute, raffia and banana leaf, across lighting and soft furnishings.

Brutalist inspired furniture

Left to right: Amara, CB2

With a renewed interest in Brutalism, we see blocky architectural elements inspire product design. Furniture design evolves from the classic designs we have seen in previous seasons to more geometric, restrained shapes.

Long raw fringing

Left to right: Anthropologie, Maisons Du Monde

Long fringes of plant-based fibres add tactility to this refined natural, yet urban trend.

Sculptural décor

Left to right: CB2, Ferm Living, Maison Du Monde, La Redoute

Sculptural, totem-like shapes inform furniture, décor and print decoration.

Black stained wood

Left to right: West Elm, Dunelm

Black stained wood is a key material, enhancing the graphic look of this trend without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Aztek & Mayan inspired pattern

Left to right: Matalan, H&M

Product and print direction draws on contemporary interpretations of geometric Aztek and Mayan patterns. Traditional materials and techniques receive a modern update.

Handmade effects

Left to right: Ferm Living, Ferm Living, Broste Copenhagen, Habitat

Opt for handmade effects, such as embossing and carving to add interest to simple shapes and humble materials.

Nature in the city

Left to right: Amara, Made.com

Brands prioritise décor, materials and products that create healthy environments where consumers can relax and take breaks from busy city life.

Stepped forms and motifs

Left to right: West Elm, Broste Copenhagen

Soft furnishings and print and pattern feature stepped motifs, drawing inspiration from modern cityscapes.