The Art of Relaxation

11 July 2017

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With health and wellbeing at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, self care and slowing down becomes increasingly important. Allowing time to ‘switch off’ from the business of everyday, puts a spotlight on relaxation. With this, we are beginning to see a shift in attitude towards the bathroom and the function it holds.

As reported by Mintel, 73% of adults agree that bathing/showering is a good way to reduce stress. Moving beyond basic hygiene purposes, bathrooms begin to emulate a place for calm and recuperation, as we begin to carve out time and space for reflection and relaxation. Over the next couple of months we’ll be discussing how individuals are using their bathrooms, exploring the ways in which home and interiors industries are responding to the desire for a home spa.

The bathroom is transforming from a clinical, utilitarian space to an inviting place of self-indulgence that has the ability to lift mood, satisfy the senses and improve wellness. In this post we explore the aesthetic consideration of the bathroom and the ways that it can be used to enhance our emotional and physical cleansing experiences.

Japanese Principles | The Notion of Kanso

Left to right: The Watermark Collection, Côtémaison

Moving forward from the popularity of hygge, our Spring Summer 2017 trend, Zen Clarity, explored other calming and mindful lifestyle practices presented by foreign cultures. We can see the Japanese principles coming into play in the bathroom such as Shibui, which looks at beauty in the understated, and Kanso, which translates to simplicity. This means  turning to pared back designs and utilising smart storage solutions to remove unnecessary clutter.

A Green Touch

Left to right: Domino Magazine (photography by Molly Winters), IKEA

In recent months in-shower plants have dominated Pinterest boards and featured heavily in lifestyle magazines and design blogs such as Elle Decoration and Dezeen. Whilst aesthetically they can recreate a spa-like feel within your bathroom, they are also proven to hold health benefits.

Studies have found that house plants can help increase your vitality and give you the perception of an increase in energy, so adding one to your shower room could give that added boost needed on a Monday morning. Additionally researchers have found that common house plants can remove various pollutants from the air indoors. Besides the physical health benefits, research has also shown that plants can have a positive effect on your mental health. So as well as looking stylish, plants could help your bathroom function as a spa too.

In The Details

Left to right: Gravity Home (photography by Eve Wilson), Herbivore Botanicals 

In a bathroom study, interior agency, Houzz, reports that nearly two-thirds of the respondents spend 30 to 60 minutes a day in their home bathrooms.  That’s 420 minutes per week. As people spend more time in their bathrooms, finding the balance between style and function is important. This means that products on show must be attractive and considered, calling for functional items to adopt a more decorative look and feel. Curating a considered aesthetic, consumers display beautiful wellness products alongside wooden and ceramic spa-like design features.

As consumers begin to redefine the role of the bathroom, it’s important for brands and designers to consider the style of bathroom products and accessories as well as the practicality.

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Look out for our next instalment of our bathroom series where we will explore how technology can be used to enhance the home spa experience within the bathroom, revealing cutting edge brands and stand out products.

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