The Lost Boys: The changing state of boyhood


In order to change the world for girls and women, we must also change the world for boys and men too. Empowering young girls is extremely necessary. However, in a quest to encourage girls to be emotional and strong, boys have been left behind. Navigating boyhood when the ‘future is female’ has subsequently led to a generation of lost boys; young, confused men who don’t know how to act or what their purpose is.

Over the coming years as more caregivers make a conscious effort to re-educate themselves and their families when it comes to gender, identity and the true definition of feminism, buying behaviours will become intrinsically aligned with changing societal mindsets. In response, the brands that don’t shift from a gender reinforcing to a gender-inclusive model risk becoming outdated or obsolete.

The Lost Boys series, available to our Professional and Premium subscribers of Your TrendBible, is aimed to help brands navigate the changing state of boyhood and what it means to be masculine in the 21st century.

This four-part series demystifies the damaging impacts of toxic masculinity and reimagines a future where girls and boys are raised as feminists. Whether you’re a marketer, strategist or designer each report will help you unlock innovative ideas, commercial opportunities and actionable recommendations. If you’re a brand wanting to champion gender equality, this series is not to be missed.

Included in The Lost Boys series:

Nurture-Play for All 
Whilst gender and equality is a very expansive subject, in part one of the series we focus exclusively on nurture-play and its importance in making it acceptable for boys to care.

Exploring Emotions
In a world where toxic masculinity still exists, encouraging boys to freely externalise how they feel is not an easy task, but it is an important one. In part two, we focus specifically on emotional expression and the power of male intimate friendships.

Self-love Club
The body-positive spotlight, whilst still a long way to go, has led to increased visibility, amended legislation and a celebration of previously ignored body types however many believe it is still failing boys and men. In part three we explore the trailblazers trying to change this narrative.

Time for Change
Women around the world called out for an essential culture shift for women’s safety and representation in 2021. In the final installment of the series, we reflect on this poignant year and examine how this will shape education and the future of boyhood over the coming years.

The Lost Boys series is available to download when you subscribe to our Professional Insight or Premium membership at Your TrendBible. Your TrendBible is our trend subscription service designed to inspire and spark ideas, give your teams confidence in actioning trends and provide validation from across the globe

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