The September Reboot – Welcoming in the Autumn Season


As we welcome the Autumn season, it certainly brings with it a sense of renewed energy and a desire to refresh and revive our surroundings, shake up our processes and make a fresh start as we turn our heads towards the long winter months ahead.

In a recent interview with Jennifer Morgan (, for the September edition of Real Homes Magazine, our Senior Trend Consultant Kate Usher discusses why householders look to reset their home lives in September.


Why do we love a new look for homes and interiors in the Autumn season?

There are a few factors at play here. There’s definitely some influence from the fashion calendar, seeing the new season collections, prints, patterns and materials in the September issues has an impact on textures and colours we crave in our homes too.

We’re also inspired by new autumn colours that we see all around us. In fact, ‘transeasonal colour’ is something that we’re seeing gain momentum. Our ‘Golden Hour’ trend from our Spring Summer 2022 Home & Interiors Trend Forecast provides a palette inspired by the fading light, taking new energy from the changing season, and blending those summer darks with more golden-hued autumnal shades. There’s also the desire to build a sanctuary once the nights draw in and we begin to feel that nip in the air, consumers look to add new accessories like cushions, blankets and candles to bring that sense of cosiness to their spaces.

Is there a sense of ‘new school year’ that we want to bring into our homes around September time? Perhaps being more organised, revamping?

Yes, we carry a sense of that academic year refresh from our childhood, right through to adulthood. When it comes to the home, consumers may look to reassess different aspects of their lifestyle and look at how they can reorganise things, after all, a tidy house equals a tidy mind. We’ve been tracking a huge uptick in larder storage and luxury laundry rooms. These are driven by a desire for seamless aesthetics rather than just convenience, with elevated storage and organisation which is beautiful as well as functional. Think home cleaning products in glass storage jars, on open shelving displays mixed in with houseplants etc. Everything has a very Insta-worthy styled aesthetic now and that extends to the once ugly or hidden areas of the home too.

Images: Flash Studios for Homestyle Magazine, Justin Salem Meyer for The Makerista

After 18 months of being at home, do you think we’ll be doing more to our homes this autumn as we move inside from the garden/summer months?

Absolutely, pandemic behaviours such as spending more time connecting to nature have certainly caused a heavy investment in garden furniture and garden structures. Early year purchases such as gazebos and pergolas are now being winter-proofed so that householders can enjoy outdoor socialising all year round. Think adding solid roofs to gazebos to shelter from the rain or digging down to create sunken level firepit seating areas in the garden that are protected from the wind.

There’s a lot more focus on stylistic outdoor spaces, and it doesn’t matter what outdoor space you have, whether it’s a small balcony or an expansive decking area, you can still make the most of it and elevate that space to echo your interior style. Instagram content creators like @interiorspickle and @Loft208 are now creating seamless links between indoor and outdoor spaces with highly curated colour palettes, textures and design.

You can read more about ‘The September Reboot’ and Autumn Winter trends in the September edition of Real Homes magazine.

Kate will also be presenting trend forecasts for the next 12-18 months at the Autumn Fair and Glee. For further details and to register, visit the websites or drop us a line at [email protected] for more information.

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