Transforming Future Talent: Unleashing Potential Through Trends

At TrendBible, our fundamental purpose is to unleash the full potential of brands, businesses, and individuals through harnessing the power of trends. This ethos extends to our approach on how we recruit and train young future talent at our headquarters in the North East of England.

In recent years, we’ve partnered with local apprenticeship and graduate schemes as part of the levelling up agenda for the region to foster future talent. We are delighted to have welcomed 3 new team members. Meet Becky, Joseph and Susie.

Meet Becky: Creative Assistant

I work within the Publications team at TrendBible. My tasks change daily, supporting the creation of our Seasonal Trend Forecasts. We are now wrapping up our Autumn Winter 25/2026 forecasts ready to be published over the next few months. It’s been a joy to see all the trends generated from the initial panels held back in July.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to start my career in my hometown.”

I love that Newcastle is such a creative city, there are always amazing art exhibitions and markets happening all over the city. I recently visited the Makers Market at the Baltic, which was full of amazing independent designers.

“It’s been great to fully utilise my degree within the creative industry and continually develop my learning and skillset.”

I graduated from Manchester School of Art during the pandemic, with a first-class degree in Textiles in Practice. Throughout my studies, I was always aware of TrendBible’s work. Fortunately, I was able to join the team as a Creative Assistant back in September 2022 after spotting a 6 month part-funded Graduate Internship facilitated by the Northumbria University Enterprise and Business Support Scheme. I am thrilled to have recently been made a permanent member of the team and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Meet Joseph: Data Analyst

I’m originally from Middlesbrough, where most of my family is based. I moved up to Newcastle for University and live in Gosforth, allowing me to be close enough to Newcastle itself to commute in, while also living far enough out to see some greenery. I see all sorts of wildlife here as close to my back garden, such as ducks, deer and even a flock of vibrant green parrots!

I work as a Data Analyst for TrendBible, providing the relevant teams with data and insights from sales, platform engagement and client feedback.

“Becoming part of the TrendBible team through the Baltic Apprenticeship scheme allowed me to learn more about data analysis while getting real-world, hands-on experience in my role.”

When I first started at TrendBible, I was told there are no “typical days”, which is true! Completing this apprenticeship has allowed me to develop useful skills at a faster pace as I was expected to problem-solve business tasks in real-time. However, I didn’t do this unsupported. My line manager Lisa is always receptive to questions, always pushing me to improve, and I know she will continue to do so.

“The culture at TrendBible is really present throughout the business.”

Personally, I have contributed to company culture by joining the TrendBible Culture Council. Recently, we’ve been busy updating and refreshing our company values to be more in line with what we believe, which also pushes and challenges us to always evolve as a company.

Meet Susie: Brand Marketing Assistant 

I live in Newcastle and enjoy hybrid working but I spend a lot of my time in the office.  I like to unwind in front of the TV with my sketchbook. At the minute, I’m obsessed with quirky or eccentric old faces and have been creating a series of portraits in black and white pen.

I studied Fashion Design and Marketing at Northumbria University where I learnt about TrendBible which led to an internship during the Summer before my final year. I loved this experience so I made sure to stay in contact with the team. After graduating during the pandemic I then returned to the business on a graduate scheme and I’m now a permanent team member.

“I’m so excited about how our marketing content has evolved in the past year and continues to evolve!”

My role at TrendBible varies so much from day to day but most days I spend my time creating brand and marketing content for Instagram, LinkedIn, our company blog and our website. One of my favourite things about working here is the opportunity to get involved with so many different areas of the business, I feel like I always get a chance to work with everyone in the team!

“My manager, Justine, has always encouraged me to explore my creativity meaning I’ve been able to develop skills in the areas that interest me.”

This year I’ve been exploring new techniques in animation and video editing. With TrendBible’s support, I have joined a Content Creator Apprenticeship with Baltic Apprenticeships which has helped to solidify some of my self-taught skills. At TrendBible I always feel encouraged and supported to develop my skillset and evolve my future talent as a creative.

“Attracting and hiring local future talent is critical – not only for making sure we have creative careers as part of the landscape here, but also as part of the Levelling Up agenda for the region. Whilst we have a lot of success hiring remote workers from other parts of the UK, it’s important that we continue with our plans to create a strong footprint for the trend forecasting industry here in Newcastle.” Joanna Feeley CEO, TrendBible.

We’re always on the lookout for future talent. For more information and updates on upcoming apprenticeship and graduate opportunities visit our careers page.


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