Trend Bible Selects | New Designers Part 1

19 July 2017

The UK’s biggest design graduate show, New Designers, recently opened its doors for Part 1; showcasing everything from textiles to surface design, illustration, applied art and jewellery from over 3,000 of the most promising graduates.

Trend Bible attends the show every year as it offers a unique insight into what’s inspiring future designers. This year we awarded ‘Trend Bible Selects’ #TBSelects to designers we feel are doing something really fresh, interesting and innovative as well as demonstrating an awareness of future trends.

Here we share our top three students from Part 1 of the show:

Ella Mai Downes | Birmingham City University

Instagram: @ellamaidownes 

Ella impressed us with her material collection ‘In Touch’, based around her self-created trend forecast exploring the need for touch in modern Western society. The work focuses on the relationship between human touch and textiles, manipulating engaging materials such as foam and leather with embossing, tufting, flocking and puff printing to form raised, velvety and rubbery surfaces which heighten our tactile sense.

Emma Johnson | One Year On

Instagram: @emmajohnsonceramics 

We included Emma’s hand crafted tea set, Atro City, in our ‘what we’re looking forward to at New Designers‘ post. Atro-city is inspired by the recent revival of Brutalism. Each object incorporates classic Brutalist aesthetics like heavy forms and asymmetrical proportions, along with design philosophies embodied in the architecture. Instead of using typical aesthetics associated with concrete, the collection aims to show the shift in opinion surrounding Brutalism, portraying it in a fresh and modern light.

Lia Raquel Marques | Bucks University

Instagram: @liaraquelmarques 

Lia exhibited ‘Material Transformation’, a collection responding to a new era where the activities of mankind have and continue to have a significant influence on earth. Lia created an alternative to marble by reusing and transforming materials that would usually go into landfill such as waste leather and wood shavings.

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