Waterless Wellness: The New Luxury

Ocean & Forest

With cost of living increases and sustainable living at the forefront of consumers minds, brands have the opportunity to tap into the need for products that use less water, changing how they manufacture and formulate products to limit their dependence on water.

In our latest report in our Home & Interiors subscription membership, we explore the key benefits of waterless wellness products across personal care and household products including shampoos, cleaning products, skincare, soaps, toothpaste and body wash.

Waterless Experiences

As perceptions around water usage evolves and sees a shift towards a “luxury’ status in coming years, innovative waterless approaches to personal care and household products are a key way that brands can future-proof their offering, as many consumers will be seeking product that is both more sustainable but also better value for their money.

Ocean & Forest, Green & Bare

Without water being added as filler to products, waterless alternatives such as powders, tabs or oils tend to be more highly concentrated, meaning that they last longer, and are more cost-efficient for consumers. The consumer is not paying for water from the brand, instead the product is activated by the water they already have from the shower or home tap. Waterless alternatives to traditionally liquid products are also easily refillable and reusable, meaning packaging is reduced.   A key innovator in the household cleaning market is environmentally friendly home-cleaning brand, Ocean & Forest. Its focus is on plastic free packaging and refillable, waterless cleaning products using powder and dissolvable pill formulas.

The modern wellness consumer seeks an experience driven approach to personal care products. Innovative waterless formulas that engage the consumer in soothing activity such as powders that turn into a paste, melting tabs and lathering beauty bars offer ritual rather than routine, encouraging consumers to engage in mindful self care. Australian sustainable beauty brand Green & Bare has developed a whole range of waterless products including their clay masks, encouraging their consumers to slow down and take time out to invest in themselves.

With water set to become a precious commodity by 2025, brands in the household clean and personal care markets are encouraged to consider how they can support the conscious consumer to use less water at home.

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