Wellbeing and Sleep Trends: 3 innovations transforming consumer resting habits

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With accessibility to healthcare globally reaching a crisis state, Gen Z and Millennials are placing increasingly less trust in conventional medicine. As a result, consumers are taking personal well-being into their own hands, re-evaluating sleeping habits and their relationship with technology. 

A new generation of sleepers and resters will seek experiences which allow them purposeful disconnection from today’s fast-paced world. As a result, brands, retailers and manufacturers will need to find new ways to connect with this consumer group.  

We’ve highlighted 3 sleep trends and the brands tapping into the importance of rest and well-being in a hyper-connected world. 

Calming Technology 


The Big Snooze Report by meditation app Calm found the biggest sleep deterrent is financial stress according to 60% of people interviewed across the US and UK. Better sleep is seen as key to greater holistic well-being, from regulating circadian rhythms to tuning into #brownnoise to sleep divorce to capture the optimum rest. With the reliance on tech as both an aid and a disruptor, brands have a role in innovating around these tensions. 

Wellbeing Retreats 

She She

The ‘retreat’ has propelled into the spotlight as consumers prioritise well-being and self-exploration, stepping back from their busy lives to experience life in the ultra-slow lane. The rise in solo travel for purposeful exploration is resonating with women, particularly millennials. She She host rural multi-sensory retreats for women to slow down, reconnect and find movement.  

Modal Living 

Twin by Campeggi

Taking the idea of daily moments for pause and rest, Twin, by designer Matali Crasset for Campeggi is a multi-purpose modular twin bed system that offers creativity and flexibility for consumers to fulfil modal living in their home. Designed to transform into beds, seats, tables and more, it offers infinite opportunities for daily rest. 

How will householders make space for slowing down in daily life and how will this affect the purpose of space within the home? 

Do you need to stay ahead of shifting consumer attitudes in health, well-being and sleep trends in 2025? We work with many brands in the well-being space and understand the nuances and shifts within this industry.

Our consultancy team are here to help you ask the right questions to unpick what will impact your business, helping you to stay ahead of consumer appetite and behaviours.

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