Wellness Trends: The Great Rest Revolution

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Since Covid, the burnout epidemic, hustle culture and the demanding nature of capitalism have turned our lives and routines into a productivity metric. To counteract this, introversion and purposeful disconnection is emerging as the new luxury in today’s fast-paced world.

As the focus on prioritising rest and wellness trends continues to grow, we see a shift in attitudes toward work and productivity, our homes and the products we surround ourselves with. In this article, we highlight two brands that are leading the way in the wellness tech industry.

As highlighted in our 2025 Macro Trend Low Desire Living; Accepting that you can’t ‘have it all’ gives consumers a sense of peace, allowing people to slow down and make justified compromises. Rest becomes the ultimate rebellious act, making way for a more considered and move away from an “always-on” mentality. “Modal” living is becoming increasingly popular, recognising that individuals have different energies, sets of needs, and modes that vary from one day to the next. This way of living emphasises the importance of rest, sleep, and wellness, and allows people to transition seamlessly between different modes.

Rest optimising technologies


As consumers grow increasingly aware of their sleep habits, innovative bedtime gadgets are emerging, from sleep analysis mattresses to sleep hygiene apps to help combat fatigue. The new sleep tracking mat from Withings enables analysis of deep, light, and REM sleep cycles, heart rate tracking, and snore detection, with automatic syncing to their app, plus smart integrations to facilitate dimming lights at bedtime or raising the thermostat upon waking. Similarly, Simple Habit’s Sleep Reset is a digital sleep clinic that utilises clinically proven methods from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia to address the root cause of sleep issues via an interactive app.

Sleep spa experiences

Hästens Sleep Spa

With the aim of delivering the “world’s best sleep experience” high-end mattress maker Hästen’s “Sleep Spa” boasts a range of unique features such as “Bed Talks”, giving guests the chance to learn from the sleep expert Dr. Edie Perry. Perry offers consultations to guests to discuss sleeping positions, sleeping tips and the correct bedding required for their stay. Another example is Bryte x Hyatt hotels’ Restorative Sleep Suite featuring AI-powered beds, which sense guests’ heart rate, breathing and movement to cool body temperature. Mattresses also automatically alter firmness depending on which part of the sleep cycle patrons are in to further support relaxation.

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