What’s influencing home interior design trends in Autumn Winter 2021/22?

TrendBible Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2021/22

The season for considered luxury is here! Maximalism will feed Autumn Winter 2021/22 home interior design trends as richness in colour, fabric, print and texture emerge. Exceptional, indulgent items will become future collectables as sustainable design comes to the fore.

Published back in 2019, we share a preview of the season featuring one of four trends from our Autumn Winter 2021/22 forecast; Future Now. The full Autumn Winter season preview report is also available to read when you subscribe for a free membership to our new trend platform – Your TrendBible.  We’ll also be tracking these Autumn Winter home interior design trends over on Instagram as they emerge worldwide in stores and online over the coming season.

Future Now

A new decade brings with it fast-paced technological advancements and consumers are embracing the edgy and bold. Surrounded by technology once seen as pure science fiction, an appreciation for all things futuristic impacts how we shape our environments. Inspired by the polymath innovators of our present-day tech race, householders push boundaries in their homes, creating an otherworldly look and feel. Increasingly digital realms bleed into the physical world as virtual influencers, augmented reality and digital assistants become commonplace in day-to-day life and vintage computer generated imagery from gaming seeps into the design world.

TrendBible Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2021/22

New age materials

Globally there is a focus on the betterment of the planet. As the global climate crisis continues, consumers look to technology to make their homes more environmentally friendly. Smart technology and product design allow householders to streamline the home, cutting down on waste and energy usage. Material innovation is driven by an appetite for sustainable design. Designers explore new age materials for home interior design trends and refine the recycling process, producing intriguing surface finishes and functionality.

Hi-tech home

Futuristic and hyper-real colours combine on matt and shiny surfaces. Palace Blue contrasts with cosmic silvers as a key bi-colour combination. Alternatively merge deep berry pink and soft fuchsia for a tonal option. This is a palette about balance and harmony in modern society.

Furniture is bold and edgy with retro shapes. Lab-inspired design informs kitchenware and small appliances. Artwork features glitchy and grid-like graphics and rich ombre or halftone effects. Packaging is tactile blending matt and shiny textures.

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