Why Even the Best Design Teams Need Trend Forecasting

Written by trendbible

24 November 2015

02Our clients are ambitious, forward-thinking companies who strive to lead, and big or small, we’ve found that these brands excel in a variety of ways thanks to the trend intelligence we offer. Here we share 3 ways in which trend forecasting adds value to even the best internal design teams.

Empower Your Team
Trend Bible understands that nobody knows your customer as well as you, but by inviting in an external agency, you invite a fresh, unbiased perspective. Brand-right, commercial trends provide sound evidence of what to expect in your category. This insight liberates designers, giving them the confidence to act without fear or risk.  They are able to design great products, at the right time and for the right market level.

This can absolutely transform your internal design processes, resulting in efficient and confident creative teams.

“The intelligence we have received from Trend Bible has transformed my daily routine. I enjoy coming to work, knowing that we’re on the right track to creating products that our customers will love.” – Kids Lifestyle Consultancy Client

Eliminate Subjectivity 
One of the biggest challenges designers often tell us they come up against, is the influence of subjective opinions when it comes to a decision over a particular concept. In the past, we’ve worked with designers who have struggled to get buy-in from major stakeholders because of this. Remember that you are not your customer. Trend forecasting provides objective reasoning to support why an idea is right, even if you or your stakeholder don’t personally ‘like’ it.


Meaningful Insight
It’s near impossible to stay on top of everything that could possibly impact your business in addition to your day job, and we believe you shouldn’t have to.

Our experienced teams research, analyse, track and forecast trends 365 days a year. We are experts in gathering intelligence from a broad range of sectors including technology, economics, media and design and analysing what this means for home life.  This means we can detect new and innovative concepts, framing the information in a way that’s best for your brand.

Endless amounts of information can be overwhelming and counter-productive for your team. We ask the hard questions, filter the trends and only tell you what you need to know. Furthermore, we provide support and guidance on how to act on the insight for commercial success.

Trend Bible provide a range of consultancy services, from workshops to bespoke trend packages.  To find out more or book your free consultation, get in touch – enquiries@trendbible.com.

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