Why We Down Tools for a Week

Written by trendbible

23 June 2017

Trend Bible

Every year, we ring fence a full week where our whole team clear their schedules and set aside all fee-earning work. For a busy agency, this is a very difficult thing to prioritise, but for us, it’s essential.

The reason we do this is to work on our methodologies. These are our framework for forecasting future trends and we sense-check, review and refine them and even create new ones over the course of the week.

It’s no surprise that our clients rate our original trend forecasting methodologies as the top reason they work with us. They tell us this is what makes us different. We’ve been crafting our ‘Methodology Toolbox’ for 7 years now. We have methodologies that help us determine how fast a trend is moving, which consumer group will adopt it next, and which geographical region we expect it to impact most.

Get in touch to find out more about how we forecast and how it can help your business and download your free ‘Introduction to Trend Forecasting’ to the right of this post. 

The content is always relevant to our business, and Trend Bible bring new and intriguing topics to our attention that we would otherwise have overlooked.


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