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12 November 2015

TVSamsung Serif TV, Bouroullec Studio

In a world where technology has become ingrained in to our daily lives there is a drive for designers to create innovations that improve and enhance our daily routines. However, fusing technology and style is a big challenge, especially when it comes to the home.

In this post, we take a look at some of the most stylish ‘smart’ products of 2015 so far; products that combine functional solutions with a considered response to the aesthetics of the home.

Samsung Serif Television
Launched during London Design Festival, the Samsung Serif TV blurs the line between Furniture and Technology. Created by the Bouroullec brothers, the distinctive I-Shape framed TV is designed to sit naturally in any environment, either on detachable legs or placed on top of other objects. Owners are encouraged to place books or ornaments on the the top shelf, following a statement from the studio claiming, ‘The TV does not belong to the world of technology but the world of furniture and design.”

TableFurniQi Side Table

FurniQi, from Fonesalesman, is a sleek and stylish wireless charging side table made from eco-friendly Mao Zhu bamboo. Designed to fit seamlessly into the modern home, FurniQi is a contemporary and functional solution to the clutter caused by cables and plugs.

“The side table is incredibly easy to assemble, taking a mere 60 seconds from opening up the box to having a complete table ready to charge your smart device. The side table provides wireless power in a natural and aesthetically appealing way, to make charging your smartphone more convenient than ever. Fonesalesman looks to pave the way towards a truly wireless future.”
– Bavan Palasanthiran, founder of Fonesalesman.

Concept KitchenIkea Smart table surface 

Concept Kitchen 2025
This year Ikea unveiled, ‘A table for living’ – a vision for how technology could aid food preparation in the future. The smart table surface takes care of almost all your culinary needs, from measuring portions to heating up your food. Working to the chef’s time schedule, the table uses a camera to project graphics of recipes that complement the food placed on the work surface. Although, currently not mass produced just yet, the Smart Kitchen is on display at Ikea Temporary in Milan throughout Autumn and the findings will be used for future developments.

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