Easter Trends 2023: Made to Last Sustainable Celebrations

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This Easter a made-to-last mentality runs through celebration and gifting trends as consumers re-use and re-purpose décor for multiple occasions. 

An appreciation of the process and craftmanship behind food, decor and gifts becomes as important as the event itself for Easter Trends this season. 

The popularity of Spring and sustainable celebrations continues to grow for consumers ready to leap into a new season. According to the annual survey by the National Retail Federation, US consumers plan to spend a record $24 billion on Easter this year, up from $20.8 billion in 2022. In the UK, Easter spending is projected to reach £892 million, 10% more than in 2021, with three-quarters of consumers projected to celebrate this weekend [Finder]. 

Slower Celebrations

Despite households looking to splash out, sustainability remains front of mind and savvy brands will look to connect with conscious consumers by taking a longer-lasting approach to product design, party essentials and decoration. 

Originally published over 18 months ago, our 2023 celebrations trend Quiet Regrowth forecast that key occasions would be responding to a more slow-moving mindset; becoming truly present and meaningful experiences. Parties are adorned with hand-crafted decorations and newly formed family rituals. Decor is lovingly made to last and doubles up as family heirlooms that capture and hold new memories after every celebration.

Life Beyond the Celebration

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Celebrations have a lasting impact, leaving an impression not only on guests, but also around the home. Easter may only come around once a year, but that doesn’t mean that gifts and items used for festive decor and hosting have to be packed away, forgotten or discarded. Instead, consider the longevity of gifts and decor by looking for ways they can be woven into the fabric of the home, repurposed or re-used beyond their original role.

Heirloom Decorations

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The gift of good, sustainable design becomes the ultimate luxury. Using natural materials and understated design and craftsmanship, Easter decorations are elevated to appeal to the style and planet conscious individual. Hand-crafted, limited-edition decorations become treasured keepsakes. This creates rich inspiration for personalised family heirlooms, from beautiful hand-decorated eggs and paper decorations to seasonal wreaths.

Slow Crafts

Easter Trends
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A slower pace of life creates opportunities for gifting and experiences that require consumers to ‘go slow’ and take time to complete. Consider natural dying craft kits, and flower pressing as examples of slow, organic activities. Delicate imprints of nature inspire print and pattern for greetings, artwork and packaging. Lumen printing techniques of flowers and leaves inspire kits for nature lovers and crafters.

Interested in tapping into the sustainable mindsets of your future consumer for 2024 celebrations? Our Future of Celebration 2024 report includes insight into the mindsets and behaviours impacting across multiple occasions, from Mother’s Day trends to Easter and Valentine’s day, and includes everyday celebrations. 

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