What’s Driving Home & Interior Retail Trends This Season?

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Despite retail and e-commerce stores continuing to adapt to cautious consumer mindsets during this time of massive disruption, brands still seek to inject trend-led products into core ranges as they cater to the more explorative, design-conscious householder. 

We take a look at Home & Interior retail trends this season and evidence how our Autumn Winter trend ‘Joyful Gatherings’ has been adopted.

2023 householder mindsets

Looking back at new habits nurtured during lockdown; quality time spent with friends, family and neighbours, the art of slowing down, and gratitude for the small things – all became hangovers to be treasured and protected. Householders are in an explorative mood, seeking and indulging new facets of their own personality and a more experimentative phase has taken hold.

Image: Rachel Castle

Originally forecast in 2020, this post-pandemic reflection drives our Autumn Winter 2022/23 trends.  Two years on, our researchers have been in store to see how brands and retailers have adapted their product assortment to adapt and thrive in this new landscape. We explore how these householder mindsets have translated into retail and e-commerce through our Home & Interiors design trend ‘Joyful Gatherings’.

The retail and e-commerce landscape

Continuing from Spring Summer 2022, retail and e-commerce stores are adapting to cautious consumer mindsets with slower adoption of hero and statement products.  Focus remains on core ranges however, a clear seasonal shift signifying the Autumn Winter season can be evidenced through cosy and tactile soft furnishings as well as a strong presence of warm, neutral shades. Newness is injected into core ranges through colour and print together with trend-led décor items at more affordable price ranges.

Tracking the adoption of our Joyful Gatherings trend

What we said

Our Autumn Winter 2023/24 Joyful Gathering trend is driven by post-pandemic optimism. Ideals of a pristine home no longer resonate as the home becomes a base for not just family and working, but also the place we come together to celebrate, to connect with one another, and to feel close to our small chosen community.

TrendBible Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2022/23 Forecast

A joyous celebration of connection and kinship, this trend embraces a global set of diverse design narratives and influences. The home becomes a canvas for expression with mood-enhancing colours dancing amongst each other in wall-to-wall applications. Rich textiles layer and quilt pattern against pattern, creating a cosy and indulgent home environment, perfect for cheerful gatherings of friends and family. The home becomes a canvas, a chance to let your imagination go wild and create your own work of art. Homeliness is important here – the resurgence of traditional crafts leads to an aesthetic somewhere between the handmade and the contemporary.

What we saw

A focus on joyful at-home hosting was prevalent across stores such as Selfridges, Liberty, Primark and Anthropologie, with candles, napkins and trend-led glassware, mugs, plates and bowls in bold and mood-boosting colour palettes.

Home textiles were also key, echoing the crafted mood of this trend, with rich textures, quilting and colourful hand-crafted product.

TrendBible Autumn Winter 2022/23 Home & Interior Retail Trends

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