Why the Cactus is the New Pineapple

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28 March 2017

Sass & Belle via ASOS, Oliver Bonas 

Our seasonal trend books provide design direction across a broad range of products for home and interiors, forecasting 2 years ahead. Whilst we forecast seasonally, it is important to remember that many trends have a longer lifespan and products, colours and shapes we see this year aren’t necessarily going to stop appearing next year.

Trend Bible Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2016

Trends sometimes stick around a lot longer than you’d think – they appear to be fads at first, but they have more longevity than you would imagine. This is because trends trickle down to more mainstream consumer groups. The initial audience for this type of novelty product, the Early Adopters, will typically move on to the next thing quite quickly, but new, more mainstream audiences (we call them the Late Majority) begin to pick up on these trends later. The Late Majority audience is a much bigger portion of society so we tend to see trends really explode when they hit this consumer group, which can sometimes be a year or two after the trend is first evidenced.

The pineapple as a design motif was something we featured in our Spring Summer 2016 trend Tropical Oasis. Whilst this hit mainstream in summer 2016, many retailers on the high street are still including pineapple products in their homeware and paper goods ranges for summer 2017.

The pineapple was part of a broader tropical trend, influenced by the lingering attention from the 2016 Brazil Olympics and the growing interest in South America. Layering this with homeware becoming regarded as highly as fashion as a status symbol, novelty decorative pieces, such as the pineapple are now proving popular, particularly amongst the younger generation.

Continuing the theme for fun, playful motifs we are now evidencing a focus on cacti for Spring Summer 2017. Going beyond print design, the cactus shape is now being used in ceramics, decorative accessories and lighting for the home and interior market. Retailers such as Oliver Bonas, Primark and Urban Outfitters are already tapping into this trend in their recent collections.

According to Clare Coulson, Junior Trend Researcher at Trend Bible, in 2017 the cactus is set to be as popular as the pineapple. During her recent visit to Maison & Objet in January, Clare evidenced everything from cactus candle stick holders to neon cactus lights.

Over the past couple of years we have seen a shift to more playful product design and this year is no exception. The cactus as a design motif, was a key highlight at Maison & Objet this year. Designers such as Kersten, Korb and Bloomingville were all displaying fun, cacti shaped products. As more people opt to rent, we are seeing a growing attraction towards novelty decorative accessories for the home. For many unable to decorate their homes, accessories that are both stylish and affordable can be used to personalise a space.

First spotted by Trend Bible two years ago, Cacti is a key motif for our Spring Summer 2017 trend Tribal Gathering. To gain an insight into the other trends you can expect to see emerge in stores over the coming months, download our free Spring Summer 2017 Seasonal Preview to the right of this post. 

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