Written by Kate Usher

14 November 2019

Trend Bible’s Colour Direction for 2020 outlines six shades chosen by our colour experts, and are based on our seasonal trend forecasts for 2020. We believe these directional, yet commercially viable shades will be central to life at home.

As we move into the winter season we embrace mixing warm and cool hues for a balanced look. Strong retro shades help to build rich yet muted palettes for winter. Having dominated colour palettes for a few seasons, blues begin to drop off the radar a little, paving the way for more strong neutrals and purple tones to increase in importance.

Images left to right: Massaud, deVOL

Update matt grey and charcoal tones with warm nuances this season. Allowing for calm, quiet moments of reflection, Muted Clay (PANTONE 16-1330 TCX) is highly versatile and works well as a core, accent or supportive colour. Capturing a down to earth, calm and timeless quality, these unobtrusive shades are easily combined.

 Images left to right: Ganni, Takeawai, Trend Bible

Sweet Lavender (PANTONE 16-3931 TCX) paired with ochre yellow and deep beetroot purple shades create a truly energising look. Combat the winter blues with this heartwarming and uplifting colour palette, reminiscent of the optimistic spirit of the 1970s.

Our 2020 Colour Direction features colours selected from our Home & Interiors and Baby & Kids Lifestyle seasonal trend books. To download a free demo of our Autumn Winter 2020/21 trend book, click on the ‘Free Download’ section on this post.

Overall a great day which involved getting everyone's thoughts, ideas and reservations down on paper. I am looking forward to seeing how this information will be overlaid with the vital trend insights we need to drive new product development and long-term business growth.

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