Baby & Kids | Edit: Say hello to 2020

Written by Jenna Galley

8 January 2020

Are you ready to tackle a new decade? Whether you’re a designer looking to back up your product development with sound evidence or a marketer wanting to develop timely and relevant marketing campaigns, The Year Ahead report, exclusive to subscribers of our Baby & Kids Edit, is your start point for the year ahead.

Understanding how your customers will think, feel and behave is key to commercial success. Responding to trends enables you to develop innovative concepts that not only set you apart, but ensure you produce content that will resonate with future customers. 

Forecast over two years ago, we reveal the four Macro Themes and the key cultural dates that you should be responding to. The distillation of global research, evidence and expert analysis will inspire and guide your teams to create commercially successful product ranges, digital content and marketing strategies for 2020 and beyond.

What’s Included?

  • Four Macro Themes for 2020
  • Analysis on what it means for you and your team
  • Cultural Calendar: Key commercial dates and events

Our Baby & Kid’s Edit is the only trend forecasting subscription service that focuses exclusively on the world of babies and kids. Whether you are working 6 months or two years ahead, our monthly editions, key highlight reports and seasonal trend eBooks help you to see what’s coming next, so you can be confident of your place in their world. Click here to find out more and request a demo.

The content is always relevant to our business, and Trend Bible bring new and intriguing topics to our attention that we would otherwise have overlooked.


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