Creative Trend Editor Alina Schartner on relocating to Newcastle

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9 August 2018


This time last year I read Trend Bible were hiring a Home & Lifestyle Trend Editor. As someone hoping to find a position where I could apply my passion for home and interiors and colour on a larger scale, I could not believe my luck. Almost a year on, I’m already working on my second trend book and I couldn’t be happier I took this opportunity.

The Interview Process

Originally, Newcastle wasn’t really on my radar when looking for a new position. Having lived in Vienna and Munich, two cities regularly at the top of global survey – Mercer Quality of Living, I was a little wary to move to the North East of England. Despite receiving mixed reviews about the city, I knew I wanted to find out for myself and as a result I booked a short stay to explore what Newcastle had to offer. Before I was even offered the position, I had made up my mind that I’d happily relocate if I was ever to work for Trend Bible.

As part of the interview process, I was invited to the Trend Bible studio for a face-to-face interview and to spend the day working alongside the team. Everyone was very appreciative and made me feel extremely welcome the second I walked through the door. I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the job soon after.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle itself is a compact city. I’m able to cycle and walk everywhere but transport is good. I’m now located in Heaton, a lovely residential quarter next to a gorgeous park and a selection of charming cafes. As someone who enjoys dining out, I was pleased to find out none of the clichés I’d heard about English food were true. You can find pretty much anything you fancy here, from hearty pies with a twist to a colourful array of international cuisine. Newcastle also offers some tasty vegetarian and vegan options, something I often found difficult to find in Central Europe.

Left: Alina exploring Newcastle, Right: View from the Trend Bible Office 

The culture in Newcastle is fantastic. There are a number of museums and galleries such as The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, The Laing Gallery and The Biscuit Factory. There’s art house films on offer at the Tyneside Cinema and live music in Ouseburn Valley, where our office is situated. The Ouseburn is the creative hub of Newcastle. Here you’ll find design agencies, pubs and cafes offering a series of workshops, music venues and Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Books.

Originating from Austria I grew up in a town embedded in the Alps, by a stunning lake district. I am used to beautiful landscapes, but Newcastle and the surrounding countryside do hold their ground. Scenic daytrips to Tynemouth or Alnwick Castle are just on my doorstep.

Moving to Newcastle was the fifth time I’ve completely relocated. Now, eight months later I can say I have never settled in somewhere so quickly. My job has had a tremendous impact but all in all I think Newcastle itself has proven to be a great place to be.

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