Gritty Reality 2018: Baby & Kids Future Insight Report

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25 November 2016

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With world conflict, low morale and political uncertainty dominating the media, parents are searching for solutions to limit the fear and disappointment their children are exposed to daily. Waking up to the gritty reality of real life, they seek out tools and advice to help confront a number of problems they themselves can’t resolve: how can they ensure their children feel protected in an imperfect world? How can they provide children freedom and independence within safe boundaries? How can they make sure they aren’t setting children up for failure by pretending the world is a faultless place?

Providing a start point for innovation, Gritty Reality 2018 addresses these parental concerns and examines the impact, helping you to understand what parents and children will think, feel and do in the future.

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Whether you are a strategist making key decisions for your brand, a marketer wanting to know what consumers will be engaged with, or a buyer or designer wanting to know how family life is shaping the products consumers want, our reports provide in-depth insight into the key shifts in consumer attitude and behaviour that you need to be aware of.

This future insight report offers recommendations and analysis for the following categories: 

  • Toys and Games
  • Decor
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Partyware


Our Baby & Kids Future Insight Report 2018 is available to buy now in digital format from our online shopTo download a free edit of Gritty Reality 2018 click ‘download now’ in the sidebar to the right of this post.

For those focusing specifically on the Home and Interiors market, Blurred Boundaries 2019 will be released January 2017. Make sure you don’t miss out by keeping up to date with our social media channels FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Easy to digest, visually inspiring, and just the right dose of information.

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