Home Trends: Spring Summer 2018 Seasonal Preview

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8 February 2018

Keeping pace in this fast-paced digital world influences all four home and interior trends for Spring Summer 2018. Natural and minimal themes continue this season as householders try to create a sense of calm at home in trends Take Root and Space to Breathe. However, there is still space for vibrant energy as we look for unusual and off-beat inspiration to counteract passive digital lives in trends Rebellious Energy and Iberian Spirit. All these trends are forecast in our Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2018 trend book.

Here we share 2 of the 4 trends forecast for the season, Take Root and Iberian Spirit. Our full Spring Summer 2018 Seasonal Preview featuring all 4 trends is available to download for free from the sidebar. These trends, for the Home & Interiors market, were first forecast and published back in 2016 and you can expect to see them emerge in stores over the coming months.


The city begins to reveal pockets of green space with rooftop gardens, underground allotments and compact home planting systems emerging in urban spaces. The home takes on a natural aesthetic with a hint of rustic living.

Taking inspiration from the natural aesthetic of this trend, products have a hand crafted quality. Light tones of wood are understated and used with minimal treatment for furniture. Taking inspiration from flowers, weeds and herbs, fine line illustrations are delicate and hand drawn.


Taking influence from traditional cultures, this high summer story captures the laid-back spirit of summer festivals bursting with colour, craft and street food. Modern food festivals bring together different communities and families, blending new influences with time old traditions.

This trend is about capturing the energy of the bustling Iberian and Mediterranean cities, injecting pattern, texture and rich colour into the home. Woven designs filter through to a number of product categories including textiles, furniture and lighting. Abstract and painterly marks have a hand rendered quality.

Download your free seasonal preview from the sidebar to the right of this post and follow our TwitterInstagram and Pinterest pages to see how all four Spring Summer 2018 trends emerge in store. 

Our trend books are seen as an essential tool by some of the world’s best brands and retailers, helping them make sound decisions about how to respond to future change. Our Spring Summer 2019 and Autumn Winter 2019/20 forecasts for Home and Interiors and Baby & Kid’s Lifestyle are available to buy now from our online shop





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