Maison & Objet 2020 | Key Highlights

Written by Trend Bible

30 January 2020

Our team recently attended Maison & Objet 2020. The annual trade show acts as a global platform for innovative and creative Home & Interiors designers. We attend the show to spot new influences and emerging trends as well as monitoring how the trends we forecast are being reflected in product design.

Clockwise left to right: Gofi, Cinna, Kreafunk Care

To mark Maison et Objet’s 25th birthday the show’s theme,(Re)Generation, turned the spotlight on the Millennial generation. Seeking a better world and an ever-evolving demand for a calm and laid-back lifestyle, designers and installations explored how this generation is disrupting the entire design and retail landscape.

Trend Tracker  ‘La Belle Vie’ Clockwise left to right: Share by Elizabeth Leriche, Maison de Vacances, Aromas, Maison de Vacances

Our Spring Summer 2021 Trend ‘La Belle Vie’ was strongly evident throughout the show. Fuelled by an aspiration for slower paced living, this considerate, art inspired trend places wellbeing at the heart of the home. Organic materials, wicker and wood featured prominently, with natural and sun-bleached tones reflecting the simple delights of rural life.

Sweet Lavender Clockwise left to right: Imperfecto Lab, Tinek Home, Tinek Home, HK Living, Alto

Sweet Lavender, as featured in our 2020 Colour Direction, continues to grow in popularity.  Representing an ongoing quest for wellbeing, the lilac and pink shades of previous seasons make way for a deeper and richer interpretation that exudes comfort, evoking a sense of solace and calm. Lavender shades were present throughout the show, adding relaxation to the bedroom and living areas.

Faces and Masks Clockwise left to right: Studio Roof, Extranorm, Le Coin des Creatours, Shandor Collection, Imperfecto Lab

As design becomes more playful we saw a return to decoration. Facial characters emerged in abstract, decorative 3D forms as a playful update to printed wall art, whilst Picasso inspired flowing linework decorated ceramics, gifts and stationery.

Calm TechClockwise left to right: Natacha Sacha, La Boite Concept, Transparent Sound

As consumers strive to replicate a more carefree lifestyle, they begin to showcase art over technology, advancing technology design to blend into the home more seamlessly. Whilst there is still a place for high-tech products, tactility and calming aesthetics provide a solution for consumers moving towards an organic and authentic home. Natural woods are handcrafted to incorporate products, shapes mimic landscapes, and products become multi-functional, increasing their necessity and justifying their place amongst a sustainable home and lifestyle.

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