Parental Pressures | The Shift to Sustainability

Written by Rebecca Charlton

24 October 2019

Image: Eco Birdy

There has been a rapid shift in attitudes amongst consumers, moving away from passive consumerism to becoming more active and making conscious choices. Recognised as one of the highest contributors to waste globally, the baby and kids’ industry comes under particular scrutiny as sustainability concerns are heightened. As a result, many brands are questioning how they can affect change and help reassure parents that their products are safe and also help them to make small changes.

In our ‘Everyday Pressures On The Go’ edition of our Baby & Kids Edit, we explored how our lives have become increasingly busy and overloaded and as a result, time has become a precious commodity. For many caregivers, despite these heightened concerns around environmental issues, convenience-driven products and services triumph; sustainability is just an added bonus.

Images: Little Eco Baby

So how are brands beginning to respond to the ‘conveniently conscious’ consumer?

Bridging the gap between convenience and sustainability is Little Eco Baby, a modern cloth nappy service for time-strapped parents aiming to live more conscious lives. The brand leases high quality, eco nappies along with a waterproof laundry bag and nappy basket for hygienic storage. They also offer a laundering package, perfect for time poor parents wanting a break from cleaning and assembling cloth nappies.

What’s next for the Baby & Kids industry?

With convenience being of the utmost importance for parents, products and services that save time whilst also being eco-friendly become increasingly important. Shoppers will be willing to spend more on products that make them feel good about their impact on the planet and allow them to buy peace of mind.

For brands and retails consider opportunities to future-proof your sustainable strategies – how can you make it as easy and as accessible as possible for time-strapped parents to shop sustainably? Does the performance of your product reduce the need for parents to buy excess – is it adaptable or multifunctional?

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